Ad Finder for News Feed


Dear folks, Please check these important notes for the app to work:
• Change your Facebook language to English.
• Close and reopen Facebook after you install or update to activate the extension.
• Update your Chrome to latest version.
• Disable any of your ad block extensions.

„Simply scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed to get ideas from all the ad shown? Pretty hard, since all these annoying posts of your friends get in the way? Not that hard! With this small plug-in for the Google Chrome browser you can deactivate all organic content in your Facebook newsfeed at the touch of a button. Ad Finder is perfect for quickly discovering the ad of your competitors or for getting some inspiration.“

• Show statistics of number of ad and normal posts per session. (Each web browsing session lasts as long as user keeps the current browsing window)
• Export ad data to a CSV file.
• Clear the current ad data in memory.
• Set customized feed scan duration.

Considerable options
• Auto surfing and/or scrolling to the end of browser window.
• Ad counter statistic per tab.
• Uploading data to personal cloud.

Privacy policy
• Ad Finder does not hold, store, copy or send any of the data given by the user, including sites visited, user generated content, not on company servers and not on any 3rd party servers.

• We use Google Analytics to track extension usage; which button is most used, how many times the caption is hovered over, number of installs/uninstalls and general usage statistics. This way, we can improve the extension for the benefit of the community. For the tracking, Google Analytics creates a cookie (small text file with some random number in it) which identifies your browser (but not the user). We do not use Google Analytics or any other tracking tool or method to collect any personal data like your browsing history, Fb content, etc.

I’d love to hear your feedback, and request for new features also.

Ad Finder for News Feed
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