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AddToAny: Share Anywhere


The AddToAny share button makes it easy and fast to share links to anyone using any service.


– AddToAny’s Universal Share Button
– Sharing to Gmail, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and more social media networks
– AddToAny “More” button lets you instantly access any other service anytime
– Right-click to share from the context menu (optional)
– Share to multiple services quickly while keeping the share popup open:
– Just Ctrl+click or ⌘+click on a service, or
– Click the middle mouse button
– Large buttons with vector icons
– Perfectly crisp on high PPI screens such as Retina displays or the Chromebook family
– Automatic dark mode based on system preference
– Reassignable keyboard shortcut


– Customize the services that appear in the sharing menu
– Drag & drop to rearrange the order of services in the sharing menu
– Toggle AddToAny in your context menu
– Add a custom service to share to

Fast & Secure:

– Optimized to load instantly without slowing down Google Chrome
– Directs to the HTTPS version of sites for privacy on shared networks
– Minimal permissions ( is to hide Pinterest’s nag message)
– AddToAny doesn’t collect personal information

AddToAny: Share Anywhere
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