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This extension does not give you free access to Ahrefs’ metrics.

With SEO Toolbar by Ahrefs, you can get quick on-page SEO report for any page that you browse.
It includes:

– Title and Description (and compares them in raw HTML and rendered versions);
– Canonical URL;
– Indexability and crawlability (Robots Meta Tag and X-Robots-Tag);
– Headers and sub-headers;
– Word count;
– Social tags (Open Graph Tags and Twitter Cards);
– Localisation (hreflang).

Broken link checker in Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar can scan any web page for broken outgoing links (export available).

Redirect tracer allows you to test redirects and to track the full path of a redirect chain.

Link Highlighter highlights outgoing followed and nofollowed links on a page.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar also allows you to check search results in any country.

User information handled by Ahrefs SEO Toolbar (only for Ahrefs subscribers):
– The page you’re browsing and its URL – to show you the relevant Page and Domain metrics and analyse its on-page data for you;
– Search query – to show you the relevant keyword data.

We do not store this information and will not disclose it.

Ahrefs’ general terms and conditions:

Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar privacy policy:

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar
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