AlmaTechPlus is a Chrome extension that enhance Alma library system.
It was originally developed by the Technion’s central library IT team for internal use and later shared with the Alma community.
The extension adds the following features:
1. UI color change – Every user has different needs and tastes. With the UI color change feature you can choose the color you like.
2. The MD Editor Copy and Paste feature enables copying the source local record with all its MARC fields and pasting it on the target local opened record.
This way the cataloger can save time by starting a new record based on an exiting one.
3. Scan bar-code from student or employee card – This feature converts a 12 digits bar-code into a valid 9 digits Israeli ID. A logic based algorithm validates the ID prior to submitting it back to Alma patron search.
Contact us to add your institution conversion logic.
4. Delete multiple fields in one click. In MDEditor it is now possible to select multiple fields and delete them by clicking on the extension delete icon.

Release Notes
3.3.5 – 08-Aug-19 Add support to print physical Alma set in LIBstick
3.3.4 – 11-Jul-19 Hide buttons for gift orders according to role
3.3.3 – 11-Jul-19 Bug fixing
3.3.0 – 14-Oct-18 New barcode scan logic for Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
3.2.1 – 06-Jul-18 Fix bug in multiple delete
3.1.1 – 05-Jun-18 Fix object name in multiple delete
3.1.0 – 06-May-18 Delete multiple fields feature. Confirmation screen for copy & paste. Configuration is stored per environment, meaning production and sandbox can each be configured as required.

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