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When there is a need to make a document conversion from one format to another, we have many solutions to choose. It can be hard because there are currently so many on the market. However, they’re not always free of charge, easy to use and give a qualitative result.

Alto extension provides a superb Word to PDF converter that’s designed to meet any user’s needs with its set of features. And here’s why:

➤ The tool is easy to access directly from your browser with any kind of operating system.
➤ The operation algorithm requires no special training because of the intuitive and user-friendly interface. To get a result, you just need to click a few buttons.
➤ Choose the most convenient way of uploading files to the extension. You can get them either from your device’s storage or from your Google Drive storage.
➤ Convert and download as many PDF files as you need. The extension puts no limits on the number of operations you can make.
➤ Authentication is not required. You don’t have to enter in your credentials, pass an email verification or purchase a plan to convert your Word documents.
➤ After conversion, you have the option to edit your original file and sign it with a legally-binding electronic signature.

Alto extension provides a quick transformation of your file extension in various cases. Let say, you have to send your CV by email and you want it to look professional and neat to make a good impression on your future employer.

As most people know, portable document format can be read by any operating system. However, it cannot be edited without a specific solution or software. And for the most part, people prefer to share files as PDFs. And by converting your CV from Word to PDF, you’ll know for sure that it’ll keep the original look, even if you use Windows and the recipient has a Mac.

Another example when this platform can come in handy is when you have to sign a document electronically. To add a digital signature, you need a solution that is empowered to provide this kind of service.

The solution is very easy to use. It will automatically convert Word to PDF format when you upload and open your file in the editor.

So take advantage of this online service for all of your file conversion needs. Start now and get your work done in just a few clicks with Alto.

Alto Word to PDF Converter by PDFfiller
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