Amulyam – Free Mobile Recharge

3 is India’s first and exclusive website for free recharge. And, it’s already paid more than Rs.3 crore worth of free recharges. Keep this extension installed to never miss free recharge on your purchases and with free instant credit offers.

* Free recharge on your purchases *

All of us shop online. Shop via us next time when you shop online. A mobile phone could earn up to Rs.800 and an electronics product like TV or laptop may give you up to Rs.2000. A shirt or pant will fetch you up to Rs.300. It’s all free money and all it takes to earn this free money is just one click with amulyam extension.

When you are any store which gives free recharge, it reminds you to activate free
recharge. Just activate it and continue shopping as you would normally do. Once activated,status is clearly shown on the extension button with a right symbol. It means your purchases will be tracked and when the merchant confirms us your purchases,money will be added in amulyam wallet.

* Instant free credit offers *

Click on amulyam extension icon at the top right corner of your browser to see
all instant free credit offers which will give you free recharge credits instantly
when participated.

* Coupons and offers *

Save your time in searching coupons and deals. When you are on any retailer’s website, click extension icon to see coupons and offers of that particular store. Our dedicated 25 member strong team collects latest coupons to make sure you never miss any coupons and sales.

By using this extension, you agree to the privacy available at and terms available at

Amulyam – Free Mobile Recharge
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