Annotate: Web Annotations with Screen Sharing


Freely annotate web pages and Google Slides content when presenting. Keep your audience engaged with live annotations during your remote learning and Google Meet sessions.

With new and improved compatibility with Google Slides, we track annotations for every slide in both edit and present modes so your annotations remain in sync as you navigate across slides. Tight integration with Google Slides enables you to switch between Google Slides controls/ menus and annotation tools seamlessly. Our annotations are smooth, fast, and anchored in place as you zoom and navigate, making your content look professional and engaging.

Save your annotations in your account for review later. Share them with others or come back and continue working from where you left off. Capture screenshots of marked up pages and insert them directly into your Annotate notebook. All this as you share¹ your entire screen, an application, or just a single Chrome tab with a projector² and multiple student devices.

The plugin works seamlessly with your instructor account to enable annotations over web pages and screen sharing¹ during LiveStreams. When installed on classroom devices, you can empower students to take an active role in their learning by giving them the ability to annotate web pages and share their screens using the “Pass Control” feature.

Teachers, students, and Google Meet users shall be able to:
• Freely annotate web pages and Google Slides using the pen and highlighter tools³.
• Annotate Google Slides in both edit and present modes. Google slides annotations are tracked and saved for every slide.
• Save annotations directly into their Annotate web account⁴.
• Share their annotations with others⁴.
• Capture screenshots of web pages with annotations and add them directly into an Annotate notebook.
• Insert images from the web, including image searches, directly into their Annotate notebook with just a click.
• Use the laser pointer tool to point out details and draw attention.
• Stream their entire desktop screen, a single application, or just a Chrome tab¹.
• Stream speaker and microphone audio¹ from their computer to a projector² and student devices.
• Select a monitor for sharing if they have multiple screens/monitors connected to their computer¹.

Create an account at to access these awesome features.

¹The extension provides screen sharing and audio streaming support in older versions of Chrome.
²Requires the Annotate Mirror Client v11.0+ or the Annotate Chrome Client Lite running on the PC/ Mac/ Chromebox connected to your projector.
³Feature limitations may apply depending on your account type. Please review for the list of features available in different accounts.
⁴Some features are not available in student accounts.

Annotate: Web Annotations with Screen Sharing
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