AutoRename is an extension for Google Chrome that will automatically rename image files downloaded from the internet into something meaningful than a generic string of characters. If you have a favorite photographer, illustrator, or artist and you want to easily identify the original source, this extension can do that by saving and renaming the file in a well mannered format.

Please be mindful of copyright and intellectual rights of the images that you are downloading. The developer and contributors are not responsible for any misuse of this extension. This extension has a Privacy Policy. Kindly check the link on the right side of this description section.


– [Twitter] Include Tweet ID, Username, and Date as the file name when saving images
– [LINE BLOG] Include website title, blog title and Date when saving images
– View and Download the highest image quality from Twitter
– Compatible with Microsoft Edge (Chromium) and Google Chrome.
– Open Sourced on GitHub


Version 2.0.0 — August 15, 2020

– Options user interface overhaul
– New extension icon

– [Twitter] Removal of the “File extension type” setting. The extension can now automatically determine the image format (JPG or PNG) when saving an image.

– Option to enable or disable the “Save As” dialog window. If disabled, the image will save in your default Downloads folder. Note, you must disable “Ask where to save each file before downloading” in your browser for this to function

– New notifications when the extension is updated

– New debugging commands.

– [Bug Fixes] Fixed an issue where the extension fails to work when the URL is set to

– [Bug Fixes] Fixed an issue where the blog title for LINE BLOG may not appear when saving an image

*As of Version 2.0.0, Twitter and LINE BLOG are the only supported by this extension. Other websites soon to follow. To keep up with development or to file an issue, please visit the GitHub Repository.

You may submit bugs and feature requests there.

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