BBCode tags is a method used by many forums to add structure to a post. This small plugin make it easier to add BBCode tags by enclosing the selection in a tag or prompt for additional tag parameters like the color to use.

vBulletin adds additional tags, they are included.

Markdown as defined on the project page by John Gruber is included.

A subset of the HTML tags is included.

You access the extension by right-clicking in a form while constructing the post.

When a prompt is asked a valid responds is the empty responds. The result can be different for empty responses.

If nothing is selected, the caret is positioned at the location where the selected text would have been placed.

If there is a selection, it will be part of the result, and the whole result is selected, for a possible next tag enclosure.

The ‘bbCode Insert’ context menu is only visible for editable form elements, like text areas and text line entries.

A few of the menu entries have a shortcut key.
The shortcut keys only work after you have used a menu option by keyboard (context-menu-key) or mouse. Prompts are disabled for shortcut key activation (Chrome bug).

Search and Replace of textarea content is now possible. The search is for regular expressions and the replace string can contain references to groups in the match ($&,$1,$2,$3,..,$99).
Javascript regular expressions makes a powerful tool.

You can define your own templates on the options page. Help on the custom tags is included.

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