Bid-Ninja: Software for Quibids & Dealdash


The Bid-Ninja Chrome Extension provides vital user and product stats and analytics for all Dealdash & Quibids penny auctions. It does so by automatically inserting itself in real time on each auction page – right at your fingertips!

Simply install the Bid-Ninja extension into your Chrome browser. After installed, go to any live auction on or and the Bid-Ninja Analytics pop-up box will automatically appear right on your computer screen. Instead of spending hours and hours researching products and competition, we’ll deliver this information in a convenient, easy-to-use interface right smack in front of you. How cool is that?

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or power bidder, Bid-Ninja can help you win more! Whether you’ve been playing on penny auction for just a week or several years, Bid-Ninja can definitely “up your game!”

There are three core components to the Bid-Ninja software
1 – Bid-Ninja Analytics: provides comprehensive everything about your competitors and the auctions you’re trying to win, as mentioned above.

2 – Bid-Ninja BidBuddy®: an auto-bidder that uses your strategies to places bids for you, automatically. This isn’t a simple auto-bidder the sites provide, this is a very powerful bidding machine that helps you bid smarter and saves you money. You can also win auctions even while away from the computer! Just like Analytics, the BidBuddy® pop-up box automatically appears on your screen when entering a live auction

3 – Auction Tracker: a simple click of the Bid-Ninja Mask icon to the right of the Chrome address bar, gives you instant access to two complete lists of every auction on Quibids and Dealdash. A convenient way to see which auctions are upcoming and when; whether your on the auction sites or not.

The Bid-Ninja Chrome extension, will help you WIN MORE penny auctions while SPENDING LESS money for bids on Deal dash and Qbids.

Let Bid-Ninja help you BID SMARTER, BID FASTER, and WIN MORE.

PLEASE NOTE: Bid-Ninja currently works on two penny auction sites: and We no no longer supports or penny auction sites.

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BidBuddy® is a Registered Trademark of Bid Ninja, LLC.

Bid-Ninja: Software for Quibids & Dealdash
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