Binance cryptocurrency price alerts


Set price alerts for all crypto currencies listed on binance with alert sound and browser notifications, no more 20 open tabs in your browser to track prices.

It literally takes less then 5 seconds to place an alert !!!!

******************* How to use **********************
Just navigate to the currency pair trading page on Binance and click the extension, it will auto-fill the pair name and the current price, then easily set alert price using percentage buttons of .5%, 1%, 2%, 3% upto 10% increase/decrease in price, or you can also enter a custom target price.

********************** Features **********************
[*] Browser notifications with pause & delete alert action buttons.
[*] Different Up/Down alert sounds
[*] Open pair trade page directly from extension
[*] Currency pair Auto-fill for Binance
[*] Currency pair search
[*] Current Price auto-fill
[*] Set alert price using Percentage Increase/Decrease buttons.
[*] Ability to pause individual alerts
[*] Shows number of alerts set for current trading pair tab on extension icon.
[*] Intuitive user interface
[*] Ability to change price check poll interval from extension options.

******************** When do you use it ********************
Whenever I open a trade, I place two alerts, one if price goes up and other for down so I don’t end up the good opportunities to close the trade.
You can set an alert to get notified when a certain coin hits the target price you were waiting for
How-ever you want to use it.

Hope you’ll enjoy this extension,

This extension tracks the market using the Binance API.

Please note that this extension can only track the prices, it is not a trading bot.

We need access to in order to verify your product key when you upgrade to pro version.

I don’t own the alert sound, it’s from

Binance cryptocurrency price alerts
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