Boo helps recruitment businesses leverage the power of Boolean search to speed up the identification of top talent and generate revenue 💲

Tooled Up Raccoons is a business dedicated to one thing, improving the efficiency of Recruitment businesses around the world.

Did you know, employees spend on average 5 hours per week performing duplicate or repetitive tasks. That is 10-15% of their time. Of YOUR time.

After 8 years in the Recruitment business, we experienced first hand the impact that even the smallest inefficiencies had on our business.

Existing solutions in the market place were costly to implement, time consuming to train the team on and expensive to run.

We decided to take back control and help give recruitment businesses access to tools to bridge inefficiency gaps, without having to break the bank.

WITHOUT Boo your team will be…

❌ Wading through irrelevant candidate profiles.
❌ Creating Boolean strings from scratch every time.
❌ Have no easy way to store or editing Boolean strings.
❌ Unable to quickly edit complex Boolean strings.
❌ Building new strings, that someone in their team has already created.

WITH Boo your team will be able to …

✔️ Build Boolean strings from anywhere.
✔️ Centrally store Boolean strings.
✔️ Gain quick access to Boolean strings so they never get old.
✔️ Edit Boolean strings at the click of a button.
✔️ Deconstruct Boolean strings so they are easy to edit.
✔️ Share strings with your team.
✔️ Collaborate with your team on Boolean strings.

For as little as £7.50 per month, Boo will save you time, help you find candidates quicker and ultimately make you more competitive 🦝.

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