Bridgy ( connects your web site to social media as part of the IndieWeb ( This extension provides backfeed for Facebook and Instagram: it pulls back comments and likes from those sites to your own web site. See the Bridgy docs for more background and details.

Your web site needs to support IndieAuth ( When you install the extension, it opens a Bridgy page for you to IndieAuth into your site. After that, it runs in the background, forwarding Facebook and Instagram responses to Bridgy to send back to your site. You can see status info and poke it on the extension settings page.

Bridgy originally used Instagram’s and Facebook’s APIs to do this, but they later restricted those APIs. Fortunately you can still log into and use them legitimately in your browser, so this extension lets you send your own data to Bridgy, automatically.

Join the IndieWeb chat at to ask questions or give us feedback!

What’s new:

0.3.5, 2021-03-04

* Dynamically adjust polling frequency per silo based on how often we’re seeing new comments and reactions, how recent the last successful webmention was, etc.

0.3.4, 2021-02-22

* Allow individually enabling or disabling Instagram and Facebook.

0.3.3, 2021-02-20

* Only override requests from the browser extension, not all requests to the silos’ domains.

0.3.2, 2021-02-18

* Fix compatibility with Facebook Container Tabs.

0.3.1, 2021-02-17

* Add Facebook support!

0.2.1, 2021-01-09

* Add more details to extensions option page: Instagram login, Bridgy IndieAuth registration, etc.
* Support Firefox’s Facebook Container Tabs addon.

0.2, 2021-01-03

* Add IndieAuth login on and token handling.
* Add extension settings page with status info and buttons to login again and poll now.
* Better error handling.

0.1.5, 2020-12-25

* Initial beta release!

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