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By clicking “Add to chrome”, I accept and agree to installing the cactus search extension and setting Chrome™ New Tab search to that provided by the service and the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
And: “The extension will update your search settings and will change your search to be powered by Bing.

》How the extension works
We are an ordinary search engine like google. But on the contrary we use our ad revenue to help plants from becoming extinct. We support local projects around the globe.

》Privacy is key
We help plants. Invading your privacy is not our goal. We do not save your search queries nor do we track you around the web. We do not sell any data to advertisers. All your searches are SSL encrypted. You can read our full privacy policy here:

》Extension permission
We try to reduce the required permission to the absolut minimum. But we still need o read the visited domains so the extension can communicate with

Cactus Search
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