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April 18, 2020

Do it all. With only one. See how.

Get A Head Today!

What happens when someone doesn’t have the video chat app that YOU like? You get this one. It has all the apps people like. Don’t let other companies control your apps. Tele-working, telework, telemedicine, telehealth, networking, existing and new business relationships. Video, chat, voice and more, people customize their teleconference call, video, chat and messaging experiences.

Friends, family, business & social networking, telemedicine, telehealth & more! We’re here to help. Together with all the apps people like! We’re here to help. This is a telehealth special which is only to help with covid19, corona global pandemic infection crisis and people connections. Better than Zoom.

We have no Ads! We have no monitoring calls/messages. This is even in the basic version price. This price is offered only for a limited time longer. So, get it today!

You’ll now enjoy this ultimate personalized power to control which apps you like and any app at any time or place. So, get started right now, and install your Talking Head® app’s magic!

Program works together on new Microsoft® Edge® Browser to be updated to The World very soon!

Also, customer service using Microsoft Dynamics® and Salesforce® CRMs will have even more functionality than ever! So, works with or without Google Chrome® browser.

In this version updates include:

– See differences in logos/icons between Skype “Web”® versus its “Desktop” versions on your Talking Head® user interface screen. (Hover over logos. Tool tips will displays Web or Desktop names.) For “Desktop” press “Enter” once invoking number.
– Also, Skype Web® has the method to message the number. Rather than to use “voice” calling feature. Use the Speech Bubble Cloud. Change Speech Cloud logo/icon to “Green” color to use Message Only Mode (we call “MOM”) also we call Send A Message (we also call it “SAM”) mode. Scroll to bottom (lower) screen to find your Speech Cloud. You can drag and drop the Speech Bubble Cloud logo/icon to top, upper screen, or anywhere else on your Talking Head®. Including the tiny field in lower left corner of upper (top) screen.
– Switch your Speech logo back to “Gray” color to make voice calls and not messages only to phone numbers you invoke on any web pages and other programs!

Do you like Viber® app for calling and messaging features? The Premium Talking Head® version gives your more features!

~ ~ So, get in on all the action right now. ~ ~ ~

Customize all your apps!

● Add “voice” to all the apps you like using all the apps you like!

● Get started with your Talking Head® starter or basic version here. Now, for a limited time you’ll get started for less than $1.00 dollar (smaller than one U.S.D) when you get started with this limited offer at only ¢0.99 cents today!

With your starter version you’re free to roam and free to choose your default apps for calling and sending messages. With this starter you can change from one voice app to another like Google® Hangouts®.

New app on the market? No problem. Your Talking Head® will interacting with them all now and in the future!

To change to any one of the many other apps that you like, then get your premium Talking Head Helper® app part! (You’re still required to maintain accounts and sign-in to access each of the apps with your Talking Head®.)

It makes sense to get your upgraded premium features by adding your Talking Head Helper® for even less from our website. So, you’ll be saving $1.99 off our premium app! When you upgrade your Talking Head® to premium, and use your Talking Head Helper® it will work with your premium (upgrade) version. Go to our other Google® Chrome® Store website page at:

● Chrome Store link (above) is the Talking Head® premium. Talking Head® premium works with your Talking Head Helper® part.

Go to our official websites. Get your Talking Head Helper® for adding premium features. So, get in on all the action right now. What are you waiting for?

● Add Talking Head Helper® and register with the Sign Up Form at our main site at: www.talkinghead.XYZ

After your purchase from our website, remember to register using the “Sign-up” directly on the “Sign Up Form”.

Don’t even worry about it. If you already downloaded your Talking Head®, then you’ll continue to get Official Google® Chrome® updates. Your Talking Head® will be updated without any added price, and you don’t have to buy another one each month, or when there are updates/upgrades. Google® will automatically update on your Chrome® client ends when you get any browser version.

You’re going to really love your Talking Head®! You’re now free to be interacting with all the sites and all the apps you like!

To access “voice” phone calling using certain “voice” apps you’ll need the upgraded Talking Head Helper® part. So, add your Helper® part from our website. When your friend, business or associate shares this, then things get even more exciting, because they’ll all get to share your Talking Head® app for free! You and you’re friends/associates are going to love your Talking Head®. So, start networking and sharing the good vibrations!

● If you want only this basic version, then download your Talking Head® here from the Google Chrome® Store.

● “Two Heads are Better than one”. So, if you want more apps, then download and add your little Talking Head Helper® part from our www.talkinghead.XYZ website. Here you can get the starter and get your little Talking Head Helper® both for only $2.99 today! So, you’re saving $1.99 only if you sign-up and register today from our website! So, “Two Heads are Better than One”.

● Press the “Sign-up” tab on our website. Or, after you get your Talking Head® here, then easily access our main website by tapping our www.talkinghead.XYZ link from the bottom of your Talking Head® app. (Watch more videos on our You Tube® channel.)

People can now access the greatest number of voice and video-chat apps than any ever before! Watch video:

● Now you’re in control today to add voice and messaging to all the apps you like with using voice phone calling app on all the other apps you like!

● Turn all phone numbers to voice and messaging apps now using all the you like. You’ll have the power to turning all other apps into interactive phone numbers, voice/messaging apps. Call phone numbers on other sites. Use any app for your voice/messaging apps. So, even if the apps are not doing it now! You’ll have the control to do it.

Also, use your voice phone calling/messaging apps and with all social and business networking sites, search site pages, shopping sites and all other websites. Other (business) enterprise apps, apps at work, and consumer (commercial) apps that we all love. Your Talking Head® is turning all the apps that you like into voice!

● Now all your apps can be turning into interactive phone numbers on any site. Turn your apps into voice for video-chat, making phone calls and sending messages using all the apps you select. But, connecting them all using your Talking Head® app.

But wait, there’s even more!

● Do you have problems changing e-mail and voice phone calling default settings?

● Do you even have the freedom to choose all the apps you really like?

Watch how to easily change your e-mail default features. Go to this link:

This video is also showing how you can easily change your default e-mail feature:

Well, today is the day you’re back in command and control. Easily set your own provider preferences. Your Talking Head® is turning all your apps into voice calling apps, webcam, chat/message apps you like. Your Talking Head® apps’ magic turns all your apps into interactive phone numbers!

Control the way any phone number will work. Control all your favorite apps into interacting phone numbers. On any application sites, website, search page, shopping sites, social networking sites, and other messengers. Your Talking Head® with all these features in and out and on any app you like today!

You’ll maintain the Ultimate Power, Command and Control, to make interactive phone numbers, customize and expand your Talking Head® starter app features by these powerful features with all the apps that you already like! Or, by adding other apps you find in the future.

There’s A World of Others Yet To Come! Your Talking Head® will continue working even with future apps that have yet to be hit the market.

● Connect and use all the apps people like using ride share apps, include all interacting voice phone calling, electronic message/mail and using all other map apps. Connect with people using your Talking Head® with Google® Maps apps! Or, connect with any map app, voice or messaging apps using your Talking Head®.

Did you know that the inventor of the interactive phone number never intended for one company To Dominate The World? It seems that Tech Giants are trying to.

● To add your Talking Head Helper® and upgrade to premium features visit us at http://www.talkinghead.XYZ website link today. Follow these video for your installation instructions:

People can now access voice and video-chat time on the greatest number of apps than any app ever before! Catch us on our YouTube® channel.

Share this basic versions with your friends, family, businesses, associates, search pages, all websites, social and business networking sites and even more! Control app you want, choose the provider preferences, and control how you shop, communicate, and travel.

Don’t let shopping networks, online stores and other company’s dictate to you what app you’re going to use for chat or calling them. So, you’re in control! have them use your favorite apps for your private control of all your messaging, webcam, voice phone calling features.

With your starter version you’re free to roam and free to choose your default apps for calling and sending messages. Change from one voice/messaging app to any other one you like. To any one of the many apps and (many) more to come out on the market in the future, then get in on all the action using your premium Talking Head Helper® app part! You’re still required to maintain accounts to access each the apps.

Other Legal Notice, Claims, Disclaimers:

WARNING: Callndr® Call “Callendar Call” (“Calendar Call”) and Talking Head® has U.S. Patent # 8,666,772, Independent Claims, #15. Violators will be prosecuted. Any business using the interactive phone number/messaging technology on any/all the apps requires our U.S. Patent license.

©2020 AMETEX, Inc. Ametex-Media, Software Division. U.S. Patented Technology 8,666,772, Inc. is a non-exclusive licensed enterprise company and program with our program’s method and licensed with our U.S. Patented Technology. “Programmatic” was Registered by The U.S. Trademark Office by the inventor of this app. It’s use has been re-branded to “ProgramMmatic” (spelled with three letter “m’s”) in his trademark. Programmatic was re-branded and and it’s mentioned In The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office documentation. Our trademark “DragNdropApp”, called the “DNA” technology, is one featured upgrade. The Callndr® CALL Talking Head®, Program Yourself! Programmatic, Programmed marks owned by Ametex. Any other service marks or trademarks are owned by respective companies and no claims thereof are made for any marks owned by respective apps and companies. “Respect The Rights of Others” agreement: This means that all the Users and their End-users must abide by any/all user-based permission-based licenses. Each user must agree to retain responsibility app license(s) for any/all parts account access to apps they use and access and abide by all respective agreements of use thereof. Users licensed for apps not licensed for Patent Rights. We own the interactive phone number. License levels: Free starter guest and basic versions; Full licenses for versions including Starter, Basic versions and upgrades including Premium, Professional, Enterprise use. License does not extend to U.S. Patent Rights. Only as non-commercial private (single, one) user license and individualized single (one) end-user agreement. Users and end-users are required to obtain any/all other licenses using other applications and equipment related and non-related software implementations. Visit www.talkinghead.XYZ for licenses, privacy, other terms and policies before download here.

Callndr® Call Talking Head®
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