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chatUp is a new chat system which allows you to discuss and share knowledge without limits.

chatUp is packed as a browser extension with a new concept that extends common mass communication (IM) across the web. chatUp provides free communication, in a way users are accustomed to, without censorship by site owners. All with an uninterrupted browsing experience.

You visit a Web page dedicated to the subject which interests you. With chatUp, you enter a chat room related to the topic of the page. You can talk to people, visitors to the page, even if they are not in your circle of friends.

– chatUp enables you to share, discuss and respond on any web page.
– chatUp enables you to discuss topics that interest you. Chat about anything you read.
– chatUp enables you to talk to people outside your circle of friends and contacts.

chatUp expands the world of social media across the Internet.

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