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★ Theme background
When Clear New Tab is installed and the “Theme Background” mode is selected, a background image of any theme you install in the Chrome Web Store will be displayed in the new tab page. If a theme background is too big or too small you can fix it (set “Background size” to “Cover the screen”).

★ Your own background
You can upload your own background (image, gif, video or solid color) as a background in the new tab page.

★ Cycle through different backgrounds
You can make Clear New Tab cycle through your backgrounds, showing you different background every time you open a new tab.

★ Random solid color
Clear New Tab can show you a randomly generated solid color background every time you open a new tab.
Read and change your data on and
Allows the extension to dowload a theme crx package which contains a theme background and other data about a theme (background repeat, сolor of area around background etc).

Replace the page you see when opening a new tab
Allows the extension to show a background image in the new tab.

Manage your apps, extensions, and themes
Allows the extension to detect when a theme is installed and gives it information about a theme (theme id, theme name etc). Theme id is used to download crx from sites above.

Optional permissions:
Read data you copy and paste
Allows the extension to paste an image or a link to an image in the “Paste image or URL” input with the “Paste” button.

Read and change all your data on the websites you visit
Allows the extension to download an image when its link is pasted in the “Paste image or URL” input as opposed to just store the link to it.

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Clear New Tab
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