Cloud disk player helper


Video player helper extension for cloud disk providers, currently support 360Cloud (, BaiduCloud should be added later.

With this extension, you can playback non-mp4(webm) video files (like avi, mkv, rm, rmvb files) online in 360Cloud web pages, online playback relies on “VXG Media Player” Chrome app, if you don’t want to install “VXG Media Player” Chrome app, you can also use basic functions like copy transcoded/original video links to other media player.

If you find a bug, please create new issue on GitHub issue page.

Change logs:
2017-01-06 0.6
* Update VXG Media Player API to 1.8.23 version
* Bug fix for closed 360 cloud disk player
2016-07-28 0.5
* Fix sometimes play video page redirect to 360 cloud disk App download bug
* Enable HTML5 player for webm and ogv video on 360 cloud disk
2016-07-27 0.4
* Fix sometimes play mkv like video files redirect to 360 cloud disk App page bug
* Update VXG Media Player API to 1.8.4 version
2016-05-18 0.3
* Fix video play window is not correctly opened bug on 360 cloud disk HTTPS page
* Tip user to redirect to HTTP video play page if needed
* Fix VXG video player window size bug after click play more than one time
* Update VXG Media Player css/js/pnacl files to 1.7.45 version
2016-05-08 0.2
* Fix 360Cloud may redirect to App download page if m3u8 video URL doesn’t exist
* Update VXG Media Player css/js/pnacl files to 1.7.44 version
2016-04-07 0.1
* Initial version

Cloud disk player helper
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