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NOTE: If the extension doesn’t work for you, please let me know here: and specify the website it’s not working on.

UPDATE October 2015:
I haven’t worked on this in a long time, but I might start looking at this again.

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As featured on Lifehacker!

Ever written a large post or comment on a website, click submit, only to see your comment get lost in the internet wilderness? Or your tab/window closed somehow before you could submit?

Or maybe you just like to keep track of all the posts you made on different websites.

Comment Save (CS) helps you keep track of what you have been writing as you type. Icon beside the address bar brings up a window showing you the last post you wrote alongwith a link to the page. Link in the window allows you to view your post history.

You can also filter websites where you don’t want any of your posts to be tracked (or you can have a white list to only record on specific websites).

Works on sites like:
– YouTube
– Facebook/Twitter/Google+
– Gawker blogs (Gawker/Gizmodo/Jezebel/Lifehacker/etc.)
– Engadget/Techcrunch/SlashGear/etc. (Sites which use Disqus/Livefyre)
– WordPress/Tumblr
– Forums of all kinds
– Digg/Reddit
– CNN/New York Times/The Guardian/other news websites
– And lots more!

* Records your post as you type so you can recover it if you lose it.
* Keeps a history of all your posts along with a link to the page and the time.
* Allows you to add filters so you can disable/enable tracking on certain websites.
* Simple checkbox in the popup window enables/disable tracking globally.
* User can set timed-deletion of comments. (Delete comments older than specific minutes, days, hours or months)

* Refresh any open pages after installation or the extension won’t work.
* CS saves all your data locally to your machine. It does NOT save any data online nor does it send any of your data anywhere else. So all your posts are only accessible by you. And it doesn’t access your browsing history (as Chrome says it is allowed to).
* Does not save your username/passwords. It only works on multi-line textboxes.
* Saves your email too (for ex. Gmail). If you don’t want it to save your email add a filter for that website ( and
* Won’t work on this page because Google doesn’t allow extensions to work here.

UPDATE October 2015:
I haven’t worked on this in a long time, but I might start looking at this again.

Donation link (no obligation!):


Version 0.6.x:
-Added white list option (Tracking will only be done on specific websites).
-Can now disable the context menu from the options page.
-Fixed Google+/FB/Disqus
-Added LiveFyre support

Version 0.5:
-Added timed deletion of comments
-Google+ comments/posts are now tracked!

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know here:


Comment Save
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