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Commerce Cloud Recommendation Validator


This is a tool to help with preliminary validation of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein integration. It includes support for:
– site activity
– site recommendations
– email recommendations
– email open pixels

– fix bug that caused certain activities using the new API to not report in the extension

– Add support for new version of backend API

– Warnings about missing product ID fields are now more intelligent and depend on the “type’ field of the product.

– Fix scenarios where tab loading event is triggered twice before complete

– Add a few more user-friendly field names
– Detect preview recommendations in Configurator

– Add more helpful message when recommender returns no products

– Add user friendly names to fields. Hovering over a field will display the corresponding key in the pebble request.

– Detect Pixel for non .com domain extensions

0.9.4 updates:
– Stops following “Unsubscribe” links, which can cause users to unintentionally unsubscribe from their email lists

0.9.3 updates:
– Detect more types of incorrect pixel URLs and improve validation for them
– Fix bug that was causing ‘pixel is visible’ error not to show
– Better formatting for pixel validation url/warnings/errors
– Add messages for links that look like they are for us but are otherwise unrecognizable
– Better warning for ‘Pixel is visible’ error — gives a suggestion on how to fix

0.9.2 updates:
– Salesforce rebranding
– Event loading bug fixes
– Improved pixel validation (warning when non email address used for user ID)
– Fix bug that was causing certain pixels to not be detected

0.9.1 updates:
– Add support for cm_mmc field for email recommendations
– Add additional validation for email links
– Support non-numeric email versions

Version 0.9.0
– shows an error when the email pixel is visible (should be hidden)
– fixes some linting / formatting
– fixes misleading error w/ automatic viewPage activity

Version 0.8.1
– ui improvements
– add ability to disable activity collection
– renamed to DWPI Integration Validator

Version 0.7.0:
– ui improvements
– converted to a panel instead of a tab in dev tools
– shows badge notification on activity capture
– better ‘product’ object validation
– add support for email open tracking pixel

Commerce Cloud Recommendation Validator
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