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Corinthians New Tab Startpage


Corinthians is proud to offer its core fans and supporters a brand new way to surf and navigate the web and still be close to your favorite football club: a Corinthians look & feel branded new tab startpage with all the information and insights you are craving on a daily base!

Install now the Corinthians Chrome new tab extension startpage to Chrome OS, Mac or Windows and give your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser a fresh Corinthians look & feel.

Never miss any information about Corinthians club, players, transfers, coaches, game schedules or tickets in our live feed.

Enjoy your favorite club in your browser like never before with official, exclusive and high quality background images, wallpapers and videos in HD and 4K.

Upgrade your standard browser with easy access to the Google apps, favorites and history just one click away. Set and modify your favorite search engines as search tabs and enjoy not only your frequently visited websites, but also your favorite websites which can be edited any time.

By using the Corinthians new tab startpage extensions you are directly supporting your club as the 12th player like you do in the stadium during the games, but now online!

Corinthians New Tab Startpage
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