CrowdTangle Link Checker


An easy way to see how often a link has been shared, who shared it and what they said. We’ll show the specific Facebook posts, Instagram posts, tweets, and subreddits that mention this link. It works for articles, as well as YouTube videos, Facebook videos and more. To learn more, visit or email us directly at [email protected].

What’s New in version 3.0?

– Referrals separated by social platform. You will see tabs for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.
– Twitter data will appear significantly faster than before. Lag time should be no more than a few minutes between what appears on Twitter and what is shown in the Chrome Extension.
– Twitter data now be limited to the past 7 days of Tweets.
– Tweets will be surfaced from all public accounts on Twitter instead of just the limited set of partners within the CrowdTangle database. However, Twitter does not guarantee that every single Tweet will be surfaced every time.
– You will need to log into Twitter from the Chrome Extension to view Twitter data.
– Currently, the Chrome Extension does not surface short link referrals on Twitter. However, we are actively looking into a solution for this.

CrowdTangle Link Checker
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