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This script appends useful links to the dropdown menu and also changes some of the images on the site to remove the ugly round porthole look and go back to a more traditional square image

A number of people have recommend that I should accept donations from the community for the plugin. You can send money to me via paypal to my [email protected] address by following this link.

Version 0.3.12
– Added link about censorship on CS

Version 0.3.11
– Increased the width of the drop down menu
– Added link to safety advice
– Added link to CS Nav Links Facebook page
– Added link to share CS Nav Links on Facebook
– Added tweet about CS Nav Links along with some sample text

Version 0.3.10
– I can’t remember what I changed here but it was nothing major.

Version 0.3.9
– Fixed a slight typo

Version 0.3.8
– Changed the url for Couchwiki as it was giving 404 errors

Version 0.3.7
– Added box above conversations which contains links to travel guides for each place and generic guidelines
– minor change to CSS.

Version 0.3.6
– New dashboard icon added to the top menu
– new hospitably network map created and added to top menu.

Version 0.3.5
– The links were causing problems so I had to remove them.

Version 0.3.4
– Added Link to Activities
– Added Link to CS Camps Calendar
– Converted All the menu links to links. The reason for this is to see which items on the menu are being clicked and which ones are not.
– Create a donate link. Many people have suggested that I should put this in. This doesn’t appear on the menu but I have put it in the description of the extension. The link is here:

Version 0.3.3
– I screwed up the version numbering so this one doesn’t actually exist. ooops 🙂

version 0.3.2
– Moved Map CouchSearch up above the Advanced CouchSearch and point it to…
– Update Submit Ticket / CUQ to say “Need help? Would you like to report abuse? Problem with the site?” when you hold the mouse over it.

Version 0.3.1
– Added shadow box to the Community Details to make it stand out more.
– Changed “Submit CUQ” to “Submit Ticket / CUQ”
– Changed “Couch Search” to “Advanced Couchsearch”
– Changed “Couch Search”/”Advanced Couchsearch” Link to prepopulate some default settings on the Advanced Search Form. Hopefully this will provide search results of active surfers with real profiles
* Sets user photo to true
* Sets last log in to 30 days
* Orders results by last log in.
– Added Link to “Map Couchsearch” which prepopulates the sort order to sort by last login
– Added title tag to the menu items so when you hold the mouse over them you get a more detailed explaination
– Changed “Latest News” to “Latest Newspeak” because I think it’s kinda funny.

Version 0.3
– Moved menu from being fixed to the side of the screen to be part of the standard dropdown menu
– Changed the circular porthole photos to square images with rounded corners
– Added link to the old couch search feature

Version 0.2
– Added in a link to submit a ticket which is normally buried at the bottom of the screen

Version 0.1
This is the first version of the code. It generate a menu at the side of the screen with useful links that have been removed from the site navigation

CS Nav Links
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