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The DEVCON JavaScript Security extension is a developer tool that helps assess the security of your website while providing tools that assist you in making your site more secure.

The DEVCON CSP Designer will automatically build a robust Content Security Policy that will defend your site against many attacks including Cross Site Scripting, Form-Jacking and Magecart attacks.

You can identify and monitor outdated JavaScript Libraries installed on your site that create opportunities for hackers to attack your site and steal customer data.

DEVCON JavaScript Security keeps you safe you from personal information theft, credit card theft, malware, trojans, phishing, malvertising, data skimming. DEVCON JavaScript Security also protects your privacy while browsing.

Not a security expert, but still want to do what you can to secure your site? That’s why we’re here. Our mission is to make security easy and accessible to all.

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DEVCON JavaScript Security
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