Diaspora* Publisher


Diaspora* Publisher allows you to share your favorite pages with your friends.
From version 1.9 you receive notifications directly on your browser.

Before use, be sure to set up your own Diaspora pod url by right clicking on the icon which appears on the right side of the address bar and select “Options”.

Pod list in options page is updated from, thanks to dmorley.

You can also select and share a specific part of the page.


More info about Diaspora*:

*** Changelog ***
1.9.7 : Completely new UI
Added no-shorturl option
Added Chrome Rich Notifications
1.9.6 : Added German language – Thanks to Steffen Kampmann
1.9.5 : Update to manifest v2
1.9.4 : Bugfix thanks to Merle
1.9.0 : Added notifications feature
1.8.0 : Added as shorturl service
1.7.4 : Fixed bug with no-image pages
Updated JQuery to v1.7.2
1.7.3 : Fixed problem with Markdown
1.7.2 : Added support for Vimeo videos with preview
Added option to insert a message when posting
1.7.0 : Added support for YouTube videos with preview
1.6.5 : Added more options
1.6.4 : Minor bugfix and support to https
1.6.2 : Added French language – Thanks to Erwan Guyader
1.6.1 : Minor bugfix
1.6.0 : Added image selection
1.5.0 : Added #tag insertion
1.4.7 : Nicer sharing using Markdown
1.4.6 : Better image sharing
1.4.4 : Removed jsonlib causing error
Updated JQuery to v1.7.1
1.4.3 : Fixed bug with images
1.4.2 : Fixed bug with ” (quotes) page title
1.4.1 : Fixed bugs with ” (quotes) and CRLF in selected text
Added image in markdown syntax when is present in the page
Added option to enable/disable images
1.3.1 : Fixed bug with jsonlib
1.3.0 : Added Internationalization support (en/it)
New options page with autocomplete on pod list
Use of Chrome notifications
1.2.2 : Pod list is now taken from
1.2.0 : Changed icon, better for dark themes
Added local pod list in options page
1.1.0 : Fixed problems with diaspora code
1.0.3 : Increased window size
1.0.2 : Added url shortener for long urls

For bugs or suggestions leave a review below, or fill an issue on github page.

Diaspora* Publisher
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