Digitor Shopee Competitor Analysis


Analysing competitors on Shopee made easy with Digitor Shopee Competitor Analysis. Getting the information of your competitors’ products to allow you to set the best price for your products.

Instruction Manuals:
1) To activate the scraping methods when you are browsing Shopee randomly, click on the “Browse Shopee With Lazy Scrap” button or activate the switch. This will not only open a new Shopee page for you but also allow your entire browser to scrape and analyse search pages on Shopee. You will receive an alert that request your permission before scraping the page, in case the alert did not pop out in the desired page, just refresh the page.

2) To deactivate the “Browse Then Scrap” mode, just switch off the activation switch while the scraping and analysis processes have been completed.

3) You can provide multiple links to the plugin and it will scrape and analyse the pages one by one. To do so, copy and paste url links (one at a time) into the “Add your url” text field and click “Submit”. Repeat for multiple times until you got all the desired url submitted and click “Bulk Scrap Mode” button, the new page with the url will be opened and the scraping analysis processes will begin.

4) All scraping and analysis will produce an Excel file with name “result.csv”. For the user who utilize the “Bulk Scrap Mode” at the first time, you will receive an alert requesting you to allow the downloads of multiple files, click “Allow” on that alert.

5) Avoid from any other activities when the scraping is in progress to prevent the plugin from malfunctioning.

6) All analysis result will be downloaded automatically, refrain from using the “Download Links” as it is still in development process.

7) You can immediately stop all scrapping processes and obtain the information scrapped by pressing the “Stop Scrap” button.

Important Notes:
1) Only start the scraping process or provide the urls that has the pattern of “**Any search Result**” or “**Shop Number**/search?**Any search result**”,
Any other url patterns might cause the plugin to malfunction.

2) Feel free to contact us for any inquiry or question.

Digitor Shopee Competitor Analysis
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