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😲 No prior knowledge needed and no need to invest in stock!

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A business, open to all!

Follow the guide and discover the steps to creating your own store:

Find your best-selling product
Create your amazing store
Generate your first sales
Boost your income

To help you succeed, Dropizi provides:

✔ A complete and FREE training course (to understand the ins and outs of dropshipping and apply them in practice)

✔ All the tools that you need to create a successful Dropizi store (no additional modules or subscriptions needed, everything is transparent)

✔ Support from our expert team of Business Coaches

✔ This extension (which will enable you to automate everything and save time!)

✔ Multi-product or mono-product stores!

The Dropizi extension will allow you to save time by:

🔎 Easily detecting the best-selling products on AliExpress (thanks to our DropiziRank)

⬇️ Importing, with just 1 click, products from AliExpress, BigBuy, BDropy and BusyX-Pro to your Dropizi store

🔄 Automating your orders on AliExpress, BigBuy, BDropy and BusyX-Pro

Behind the scenes at Dropizi is the WiziShop team, a renowned European ecommerce company that has already helped 8,000 retailers achieve success online.

🚨 15-day free trial! Sign up here: 🚨

The French alternative to Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce and other extensions such as Oberlo, Dropified, Importify, Alidropship, Expressfy, Upinus, RSpider, UnitXpress, WooDropship or Wonify that create dropshipping stores.

The extension enables you to use product catalogues from AliExpress, BigBuy, Dropix, BusyX Pro and BDropy.

🔥 Dropizi is published by the ecommerce solution WiziShop

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