ESPN NBA Fantasy Team Auto Setup


This extension adds buttons for automatic team setup to the ESPN NBA Fantasy clubhouse page. The “Auto (day)” button will automatically put all players that are active on that day in the starting lineup. If there aren’t enough available slots for all the active players, the uninjured players are preferred. The “Auto (week)” button will automatically set up players for the rest of the current game week, which is always Monday->Sunday on ESPN.

Automatic multi-day setup is currently an experimental feature, and is likely to fail in some cases. To increase the chance of success, don’t touch anything else while the automatic setup is in progress. The extension needs to click its way through each day of the week, one by one.

By default the shortcut Shift+Ctrl+A (Shift+Command+A on Mac) can be used to perform the automatic setup for a single day. This shortcut can be changed on the Keyboard shortcuts page on the Chrome extensions page. Shift+Ctrl+W (Shift+Command+W on Mac) can be used for automatic setup of the current week.

If you encounter an error message when using the extension, reload the page and try again. If it fails consistently you can try to increase the delay between moves, which by default is one second. If nothing happens when you click the button, look for errors or warnings in the developer console (F12), and report the issue on the extension’s GitHub page.

ESPN NBA Fantasy Team Auto Setup
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