Etsy Love Cannon


Hello and Welcome to the Etsy Love Cannon!
In order to rank your items highly in the search results on Etsy, you need to get those hearts! The more favorites your items have the more likely they are to show up and therefore SELL!
Favathons are favorite exchanges between groups of sellers, they work by exchanging favorites with everyone in the group.
This is great news for new sellers it means with a little work, you can promote your items and get high rankings in the Etsy search results page.
But after a few days of clicking nonstop, it gets rather tiring and most people stop taking advantage of this wonderful promotional tool!
Introducing the Etsy Love Cannon
Our software will save you hours upon hours of clicking and enable you to favorite or un-favorite all of the items on any given page with just one click.
The perfect tool to help you participate in favathons on Facebook or Etsy Teams with little to no effort.
Save yourself hours of clicking, turn 100’s of clicks into just one click with the Etsy Love Cannon
This software is so easy to use, simply click the heart icon in your browser to instantly favorite all of the items on any given page. Turning a chore into nothing more than a click!

Etsy Love Cannon
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