FairyNote 2 – YouTube Chapter Timestamp Generator


FairyNote 2.

Change 2.8.1

– Remove tabs permission.
– You can now try to use FairyNote on whatever website you like ( not guaranteed )

Change 2.8.0

– Experimentally Support more websites
– BiliBili
– Odysee
– New Feature: Open the list in the menu and see what you are working on from now on.
– Upgrade to Webpack 5 and AntD 4.10
– Minor refactor

Change 2.7.5

– User can now close FairyNote with extension icon on youtube pages other than video page.
– Minor bug fix: limit timestamps to prevent negative values.

Change 2.7.4

– Automatically add first section which is needed for youtube to activate the chapter feature.

Change 2.7.3

– Adapt Youtube Chapter feature.
– Upgrade Antd Components
– Change toggle shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+G

Change 2.7.2

– Minor fix.

Change 2.7.1

– Minor fix. Sometimes app crashes when deleting items using keyboard shortcut.

Change 2.7.0

– Use local storage instead of account syncronized storage which is more limited in size.
– Improve auto saving machanism and make save data smaller
– TODO: save data management facilities.

Change 2.6.3

– Optimized saving pattern, now FairyNote do less saving attempts. This may help when you have problem syncing the data across devices.
– No longer select full text when a card is selected.

Change 2.6.2

– Fixed sorting in speech mode.

Change 2.6.1

– Fixed encoding of csv and srt files.

Change 2.6.0

– Added a new feature to replace special words in the output with visually recognizable forms.

Change 2.5.0

– Added a new mode “Number” which should fit most videos
– Added a new export mode. Now you can export srt format subtitle out of the timeline. Which should be useful if you are familiar with the YouTube subtitle maker.

Change 2.4.2

– Fixed the bug that the timestamp of the video is not consistent with the block when dragging.

Change 2.4.1

– Fixed a bug related to block drag and drop.

Change 2.4.0

– Add progress bar tool. Now you can view and manage the text blocks on the youtube progress bar.

Change 2.3.1

– Fix firefox timepicker issue and some minor styling issues. The new time picker respond to keyboard Up/Down or Shift+Up/Shift+Down to adjust the time.

Changes 2.2.0

– New menu items, FILE > EXPORT/IMPORT. This will be useful if you are coping data among videos or you want to edit the data in VSCode, Excel, Numbers or whatever editor you like.

Changes 2.1.0

– Add a set of new shortcuts to adjust time against latency issues. Select a timeline item, then use Ctrl/Command + Shift + , / Ctrl/Command + Shift + . to add time latency deltas. The delta will be applied on all items following the current one. Enjoy the update.

Changes 2.0.3

Fix Command+Shift+A cannot focus textarea in Chrome 77

Changes 2.0.2

New Feature: Magic LIVE Sync.

When one is broadcasting while his audiences are watching the same video and talking in a online chatroom. Pass the magic word to your friends they can sync the progress of the video as is you are watching together side by side

Changes 1.4.3 -> 2.0.1

GUI Improvement

Add multiple modes with different “new card” and “card sorting” behaviors.

Add Settings Panel

Auto save enabled as default, can be turned off

Auto complete of the comment field can be saved for some frequently used phrase. You can modify auto complete candidates data in settings.

You can now control whether to follow video timestamp when focus on a card

You can change the locale of the extension in settings now. The locale no longer follows your browser.

p.s. Please read the help page and remember those keyboard shortcuts which can boost your recording speed significantly

FairyNote 2 – YouTube Chapter Timestamp Generator
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