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Hello and welcome! I am the creator of the “FetLife Enhancer” extension. The extension adds new features to FetLife to enhance your FetLife experience! Just think if it as viagra, but for FetLife!

Before I get started, I just want to say that if you would like to donate to help keep this project going, I have setup a Paypal account that you can donate whatever you wish to.

Now, onto the features of the extension!

– Infinite Scrolling on “Events” page
Never press the “Next >” button again while viewing events!
– Add your own locations to the main “Events” page.
Do you move around a lot?  Or maybe just get tired of viewing only the events near our location?  Say no more! You can add more tabs to the main events page with your own specified locations!
– Mass Message* the people in your event whom are RSVP/Maybes.
Getting tired of copying and pasting the same message to many, many different users whom are going to your event! Now you can Mass Message them by clicking on he “Mass Message” tab while viewing your RSVP’s or Maybe’s!
Please READ Disclaimer Below!
– Add event to your Google Calendar
Forgetting the dates of events that you are interested in?! Well with a click of the mouse you can add that event straight to your google calendar!
– Upload Multiple Images!
Tired of only uploading one picture at a time? Well with this handy feature, you can be lazy and upload MUTLIPLE images at once! It’s super efficient and super easy to use! Just click on the “Add More Pictures” button when you are uploading a picture!
– Bulk Delete Pictures!
– Ability to save your own pictures!
– Make all @Username Mentions clickable!
– Add Format Buttons for textareas around FetLife
– Quick Edit your “About me” section of your profile.
– Mass Message people on your friends list!
– Search your Friends List!
This is mainly thought to be used with “Mass Message Friends” but can be used if that is not enabled.
– Hide Old/Past events under ‘Events RSVDed to’ section.
– Add a ‘Friends’ link to the navigation bar.
– Quick Replies! Compose pre-made messages to quickly send to people.
– Mass Archive/Delete inbox messages!
– Pretty Textareas!
– Quickly create a printable Guest List for your event!

Mass Message Disclaimer!
I am not responsible if your account gets locked/deactivated using the Mass Message feature.

FetLife has code implemented to where you can only message a certain number of non-friended users in a given time period. If that code is tripped, you won’t be able to send messages and comment on pictures for up to 4 hours.

FetLife also doesn’t like you to constantly load a lot of pages on their website at once. It can be taken as a “Denial of Service” attack. If that gets tripped your account will be locked. I have taken precautions to this and made it so my Mass Message code waits a few seconds before it sends the next message. Although there are precautions, it is still at risk for your account to be locked/deactivated. Below are the minutes it takes for your account to be unlocked if FetLifes code is tripped:
1st Offense: 15 minutes
2nd Offense: 1 Hour
3rd Offense: 7 Hours
4th Offense: (Unknown)

AGAIN: I am not responsible if your account gets locked/deactivated using the Mass Message feature.

FetLife Enhancer
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