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Improves the FetLife user interface.

FetLife+ group – – no need to join or post.

All features have options to control them, use only what you want!

* Add a Badge showing notification counts.
* Notification popups on messages etc.
* Bookmark system within FetLife.
* Highlight new feed items.
* Hide feed types on a per-user basis.
* Graphical navigation icons.
* Fix K&P navigation bar.
* Choose default target of the K&P link.
* Choose default target of the Main Feed link.
* Block all content relating to blocked users (including comments and mentions).
* Themes (well, a single bad one – please help out, I’m bad at that part!!)
* NSFW mode to blur avatars
* Event pages can create Google Calendar events

This is a work in progress, so will be updated over time, please report any bugs to fix and ideas for me to add…

Please support FetLife too, which gives a full “gag” ability among other things (this will never replace that).

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