FigLeaf keeps you private, when you want

Total control of your online privacy is one click away. With the FigLeaf extension for Chrome, you get to decide when to be private and when to share, right from your browser. FigLeaf is designed with your privacy in mind, for whatever you’re doing online — on any site.

Keep your email private
Whenever you sign up somewhere new, you’re asked to hand over your email address. But now you don’t have to. Instead of giving out your real email, use an alternate one — created for you right in your browser. If the site you’re signing up at gets hacked, your real email won’t end up in a data breach.

Sign in privately
FigLeaf remembers the emails and passwords for your favorite sites, and fills in your details for you when you’re signing in. Everything is encrypted to keep your info private.

Keep your online activity private
What you do online is nobody’s business. FigLeaf lets you block trackers and stop others from seeing your activity and learning about your interests.

Keep your location private
One click and FigLeaf hides your IP address and location. And you can choose to remain private on one site while sharing your location and IP address on another. Now that’s control.

Choose to be private, site by site
Decide what to share on every site you visit. With FigLeaf, you always call the shots.

Stay private everywhere
FigLeaf works on all your favorite devices, so you’ll always have the privacy control you want, wherever you happen to be.

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