Filly: form filler & team collaboration


All you need to know is 2 hotkeys:
– Alt + Shift + 1 – show forms for current page
– Alt + Shift + 2 – save current form

Filly is first ever clipboard for states of entire forms. No more filling over and over again forms that are commonly used with the same data. This extension will store state of your forms, allowing you to load them at any time with just 2 clicks.

Not convinced?

What about filling any form in the website with your personal data with one click..
or having the same forms on apps with different domains (supercrm.localhost ->
or about filling any form with random (but making sense) data?
or sharing forms you created with other people in your work?
Or having all the forms accross all your browsers and devices?

Does it sound better to you?

Privacy Policy:

** 0.3.10
– added option “Fill without showing forms list, when there is only one form”

** 0.3.7
– Added support for wildcard domain mapping

** 0.3.6
– Fixing autoclose behaviour when using both mouse and hotkey navigation

** 0.3.5
– Fixing issue with page ‘after-install’ being opener after extension update
– Fixing forms not being listed properly for url such as localhost:8888
– Little fix for some of reactjs forms
– Adding survey on uninstall

** 0.3.4 Disabling double click
– temporarily disabling double click UI open as it caused problems on some webpages

** 0.3.3
– fix for UI of Filly on some webpages with overlapping css styles
– introducing double click as a way to open Filly

** 0.3.2
– Fixing filling for angularJS text fields

** 0.3.1
– Adding team synchronization – now you can share forms on mapped and team domains with other people within your team

** 0.2.1
– Fixing auto close feature.
– Adding highlight to focused form on list

** 0.2.0
Ability to manage forms from web panel. Forms are automatically synchronized with extension after saving them in the panel

** 0.1.95
– fixed saving form in cloud account
– fixed bug with extension not loading properly

** 0.1.94 – Release Notes
– fixed filling text inputs for React.js based forms
– introduced Url Mappings feature: if you define for example that myapp.localhost is mapped to then you’ll have automaticaly all your forms on both websites

Filly: form filler & team collaboration
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