Funimation Fullscreen


This extension adds functionality to the Funimation webplayer and webpage.

Fullscreen Mode – Expands the webplayer to the full screen of the current monitor/display. It persists through episode changes and will smartly remember your other view mode settings when you exit fullscreen

Full Window Mode – Expands the Funimation video/webplayer to fill the whole window. Combine this with Fullscreen Mode for true fullscreen viewing that persists through new episodes loading, and even page refreshing.

Popup Window Mode – Break the current Funimation tab out into a separate Chrome window that has no tabs, address bar, or other extra info. If combined with Full Window Mode, you can make a mini-fullwindow webplayer that you can position on your desktop anywhere you want. Similar to modern mobile devices.

This whole extension is a workaround/hack to make the experience more streamlined and modern.

07/19/2020 –
– Fixed issue where video did not resize correctly when exiting fullscreen.

01/26/2020 –
– Should only active on player pages now.

01/24/2020 –
– Fixed issue where popular shows page would lockup if fullscreen-windowed was enabled.

01/15/2020 –
– Fixed issue where scrollbar would appear.
– Removed “Funimation Fullscreen” text. Was just a waste of space.
– Controls transitions are now faster to be less intrusive.
– Controls now properly hide when your mouse cursor exits the window. It should react similar to the default controls now.

01/14/2020 –
– Fullscreen now fullscreens and fullwindows smartly. You can now simply click the fullscreen button to fullscreen everything at once. It will remember your previous mode settings when you exit fullscreen.
– Codebase cleanup and features added for more robust feature set in the future versions.

01/13/2020 –
– Fixed issue where page scrolling would not work sometimes on show details page.
– Cleaned code and optimized code injection for faster runtime experience
– Better workarounds to limit required permissions (Due to this, the extension should be compatible with other browsers)
– Added in code for always on top… but it doesn’t work yet. Permissions for developers to use these features have to be enabled by Google/Mozilla, etc… Cross our fingers for these feature

Funimation Fullscreen
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