* 2019.09.25 version 1.4.6
– Fixed: Can not select of the Holiday’s Calendar.
– Fixed: The text color of the day of the week is not colored.

* 2018.12.26 version 1.4.5 Fixed: Wrong the colors when case of week view.
* 2018.08.31 version 1.4.4 Fixed: Not colored at each view.
* 2018.03.02 version 1.4.3 Fixed: In DayView not colored on other user column.
* 2018.02.06 version 1.4.2 Fixed: Not colored when week number used.
* 2018.02.02 version 1.4.0 Support the new design google calendar

1. When You Browsing Google Calendar, an Icon Appears in the URL bar. Click this Icon.
2. Today, Sunday, Saturday, Change the Background Color and Text Color of Your Choice. then Please Click Save button.

— Version 1.3.0
* Fixed: Changes to the Google Calendar API v3.

— Version 1.2.0
* Re-design the setting page.
* Fixed: A case that can not be imported from the holiday by [Calendar ID]
* Added: Apply the color to [Year View]

— Version 1.1.8
* Fixed: Could not select from pulldown-menu of Holiday.

— Version 1.1.4
* Added: Holiday Color.
NOTE: Holiday Dates are imported and stored in the browser.
NOTE: Color priority is “today > Holiday > Day”.
* Added: Enable Color Switch for Today and Holiday.
* Added: Today’s border for Daily View and Agenda View.

— Version 1.1.3
* Fixed: Date Range mode, sometimes was different color.

— Version 1.1.2
* Change: [Agenda] to show support

— Version 1.1.0
* Change: Change the icon design
* Change: modified to color of all weeks
* Change: modified to automatically parse the first day
* Change: After saving the configuration changes to be reflected without having to reload.

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