GC little helper


You can select on your own, which of these features you want to use. All Features are configurable with an easy-to-use menu.


Create your own Linklist for the Navigation
Like the original Navigation or as an additional Drop-Down List
Remove original links from navigatio
Configure which link in which order, name, …
Select your links out of a list with all significant links on and other external links
Also there are links with special features: Nearest-List, Nearest-Map, Nearest-List without Founds, User-Search as Popup
Create own custom links
Searchfield in navigation
Change the width of the whole page
Hide Feedback-Button
Hide link to advertisement instructions
Hide Social Links
Hide superfluous line breaks
Adds a link from google maps to
Configuration-page to (de-)activate and configure all features
Small hints for every option at the configuration-page (and link to german help)
Update advice for new versions

Nearest List

Automatic redirect from Nearest List to Map
Log It-Link in the Nearest List
Bookmark It-Link in the Nearest List
Change background of found Caches to green instead of grey


Your own Linklist in the Sidebar
Collapsable boxes in the Sidebar
Edit-Link beside own Caches
Gallery-Link beside own Caches
Shows amount of different coins in public profile
Show “n/81” in cache matrix (statistics page)
Make a link of the e-mail adresses in profile
Hide TB/Coin-Logs in summary page


Linkliste on Map (choose which links to show on map)
Display homezone on Map
Hide found/hidden caches by default
Default settings for cache-type-filter
Hide Sidebar by default
Add google and other OSM maps
Option to select a custom default map
hillshadow and public transportation overlays
Option to hide unused map layers
Option to hide header


Automatic show a defined number of Logs
“Show all logs”-Link
Hide Avatars
Mail-Link beside Username (Cache- and TB-Listings) – also adds Cache-/TB-Name, GCcode and Owner to mail
Hide empty Cache Notes (show via Link)
Hide Cache Notes completely
Show breaks in Cache Notes
Hide Disclaimer
Hide spoiler warning
Hide hint behind a link
Decrypt hint automatically
Link to google maps
Log cache directly in listing
Shows the namen of the Coin-Series in TB-Listing Bug fixed: Linebreaks in decryptet hints
Shows coords in Dec and DMS in listing and on print-page
Show “Map this location”-Link
Strikeout title of archived/disabled caches
Show percentage of favourite points in listing
VIP-List (you define VIPs and GClh shows a list in Listing, which of this VIPs already found the cache)
Show Log on mouse over a VIP
Alternate VIP-Style: One entry per Log
Optional list of VIPs who haven’t found the cache
“Top”-Link at Logs
Highlight “Related Website”
Thumbnails in Listings and Logs and bigger images on mouseover (incl. keyword-filter to prevent displaying spoilers)
Filter displayed logs by type
Search in Logs
Bigger Images in Gallery
Change title-color to red if Cache is archived
Show day of week on event caches
Highlight changed coordinates
BBCode for creating a listing
Gallery-Link in top menu
Hide green “To Top”-Button
Displays the real owner instead of the free text
Improved google-calendar link for events
Removes footer from print-page


Default-Log-Type for caches and TBs
Cache- & TB-Log-Signature
Use #found_no# for the amount of caches found in the Log/TB-Signature and Templates
Use #found# for the amount of caches found +1 in the Log/TB-Signature and Templates
Use #me# for the your username in the Log/TB-Signature and Templates
Log the caches directly in listing
Shortcut: F2 to submit a log, PQ settings, Bookmark
Smilies and BBCode beside log-field
User-defined Log-Templates
Transfer Tracking-Nummer to TB-Log-Field
Set Cursor to first character on log-field – you can start typing immediately
AutoVisit for TBs/Coins
Loglength counter
Saves the last log as a Template for Cache- und TB-Logs
Warning if you leave the page without saving the log


Save state of checkboxes


Additional links
Amount of caches as link to found-list
Link to gallery
Link to hidden caches
Amount of caches found since last access


“Show in google maps”-Link


Show statistics of cachetypes and sum


“Check All”-Checkbox
Show statistics of cachetypes and logtypes

Pocket Queries

F2 to save PQ
Replaces PQ-Name, if it is created by a bookmark-list

GC little helper
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