Developer Tools

Github Buddy, yeah! a dog!


* You can follow an organization in github
* There’s a navigator when you view a file in github (there’s options you can set)

Add logo when you follow an org and view it in popup window (in screenshot 2, it’s old, but the logo is there)
Add query on demand option, if turn on, it will only query data when you click the `dog` button on the right nav.(to speed up loading if you are rarely use this feature)
v0.1.0 hotfix: option menu(nothing else changed)
Markdown Nav support (see screenshot 5, it should also support reStructuredText)
more stable (I think…)
add `loading…`

fix previous bug: require refreshing page
more beautiful UI
move to react framework
the navigator is more beautiful and fast (might be a bit slow according to your net speed)

add homepage
add simple code navigator (see screenshots, for now, require freshing page — a bug? maybe someone can figure out the problem)
– supports go/php/js/erlang/java/c++ (maybe I forgot something…)

add paginator
icon changed

Github Buddy, yeah! a dog!
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