Google Meet Enhancement Suite


Meet Enhancement Suite improves the Google Meet experience with a set of over 30 features and smart defaults.

Join over 200,000 remote workers who are using Meet Enhancement Suite to make their work from home lives easier.

• Push to Talk: quickly mute and unmute yourself with the press of a key
• Auto Join: skip the join screen and get straight to the meeting
• Auto Join with Participants: automatically join the Meet only if participants are present
• Quick Leave: quickly leave a hangout by pressing Shift + K
• Leave Confirmation: asks to confirm when you try to leave a meeting
• Chimes on entry and leave: A chime sound will always play when participants leave and join the Meet
• Open Meet links in desktop app: automatically open Google Calendar Meet links directly in our Google Meet desktop app
• Quick Start: quickly start a new Google Meet with the click of a button
• Set Background Color: set custom background color for your Meet
• Auto Captions: automatically enable captions on calls
• Auto Mute: auto mute microphone on join
• Auto Video Off: set video to off on join
• Pin Bottom Bar: pins the control bar to the bottom of the screen
• Participant Video Style: show or hide participant names and speaking icons

• Meet Attendance: collect attendance of participants / students who attended your meeting and export to a CSV
• Auto-Unmute: stop others from muting your mic
• Speaker Highlight: adds a colored border around speaking participants
• Find Active Meet Tab: click the extension icon to find the active Meet tab
• Quick Emoji Reactions: adds quick emoji shortcuts to the chat window
• Meeting Timer: displays a meeting timer in top menu bar
• Toggle Bottom Bar: toggle the bottom control bar to appear or disappear
• Mirror Videos: mirror all videos in the Meet
• Auto Admit New Entrants: automatically admit all new entrants (see FAQ below for more details)
• Auto Deny New Entrants: automatically denies all new entrants (see FAQ below for more details)
• Mute All: mute all participants in a Meet with a single click (see FAQ below for more details)
• Remove All: remove all participants in a Meet with a single click (see FAQ below for more details)
• Do Not Disturb Mode: remain focused muting all Meet sounds, and hiding new comments and participant pop-ups
• Picture-in-Picture: view a participants video in a hovering video on top of your screen
• Dark Mode: give your eyes a rest by turning Google Meet into dark mode.
• Hotkey Editing: customize your push-to-talk hotkey
• Hide “Add Others” pop-up: hides “Add Others” pop-up when joining a Meet
• Auto Pin Chat: automatically open and pin the chat every time you join a Meet
• Transparent Bar: make the bottom bar transparent so it doesn’t cut off participants videos
• Auto Hide Top Bar: hides away the top menu bar when the bottom bar disappear
• Auto Copy Meet URL: automatically copy Meet URL to clipboard
• Auto-Full Screen on Presentation: automatically sets your Meet window to full-screen when someone begins presenting
• Hide Mute Pop-up: hides the “Are you speaking” pop-up from appearing when muted
• Display Clock: always display the clock in the top right hand corner of Google Meet

Learn more about Meet Pro on our website:

We plan to continue building even more features we think you’re going to love. Check out our roadmap to see what’s coming next:

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1) Install the Chrome extension
2) Click our black icon in the top right of your browser to configure your settings
3) Join a Google Meet and enjoy your new features!

We’d love to hear your feedback or features requests – head over to

Head over to this page to view our change log:

Please see our FAQ for answers to our most commonly asked questions:

Created by Corey Pollock (@cpollo01) and Keyfer Mathewson (@keyfermath)

Google Meet Enhancement Suite
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