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Google Meet Timer


Keep track of time by sharing this exclusive google meet timer with members and friends!

— Privacy policy —
– What type of data will be collected?
To make sure and provide the fullest and best possible experience, we might need to gather certain information anonymously.
Specifically, as soon as you will connect to a google meet reunion, we will be gathering info such as the videoconference’s id, conserving it in our servers until the meeting will be over. This data will be used with the sole purpose of synchronizing your timer with the one of the other call participants. The moment you are going to update the timer, your username and your profile picture will be shared with the other members of the call to display a notification. None of this info will be stored on our servers.
In order to guarantee you the best possible transparency we follow an open source, giving access and publishing our applications’ codes. You may find it on our GitHub account.

Developed by DiGiTi Lab.

Google Meet Timer
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