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Hide Facebook Stories & Rooms


*** NEW FEATURE: Show/Hide stories and rooms section individually ***

Release version 1.2.70 comes with new feature which allows switching stories and/or rooms section individually on or off. Hope you like it.

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Easily remove Facebook stories and rooms section from top of your news feed by installing this tiny add-on for Google Chrome.

✔ Hide Stories section (turn individually on/off)
✔ Hide Rooms section (turn individually on/off)

• How it works
Simple CSS rules will hide Facebook stories and rooms section on top of your news feed.

• Is it secure?
Yes – pure JS, no frameworks involved, no reading of your data, no ads.

• How do I use it?
Just install and activate add-on in Chrome. Afterwards refresh Facebook page in order add-on will take effect.

• Can I turn sections individially on or off (show/hide)?
Yes – both sections stories and rooms are hidden by default. Just go to “extension options” or visit option settings page by clicking on the add-on icon in your browser. Make your changes, save and afterwards refresh Facebook page in order new settings will take effect.

• Where it works
– With desktop-browser-URL (
– With touch-browser-URL (
– With mobile-browser-URL (
– Extended support* for other Facebook subdomains (e.g.

*not yet verified

• Version 1.2.70
New feature:
– Option for individually turn sections on or off (show/hide)
– Complete redesign of code to enable customization

• Version 1.1.51
Extended compatibility and new feature:
– Support for new Facebook page design 2020 “FB5”
– PLUS Feature: Hide Facebook rooms section

• Version 1.0.4
Extended compatibility:
– Support for all Facebook subdomains (*
Speed optimization:
– Prevents stories section from flashing up on a short-term on page load

• Version 1.0.2
Added compatibility:
– Works on mobile browser-version (

Hide Facebook Stories & Rooms
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