Hide Labels and End Cards on Youtube


*NOTE – Though this extension start working from the moment you install it but to use this extension to it’s full potential, reload any currently open youtube tabs or websites with youtube videos after installing the extension.*

Version 1.0.0 Updates :
1. No need of history permission anymore.
2. Now this extension can hide end cards and labels on youtube videos embedded in other websites.
3. Bug fixes and optimization.

If you have any complaints or suggestion for this extension then contact me at

This extension hide end cards that appear at the end of a youtube video.
It can also hide labels or annotations that appear while the video is playing.

Youtube video displays several cards and labels that partially cover the video. Labels can appear anytime on a video while end cards are only displayed 20-30 seconds before the completion of video.

Isn’t it annoying, when these cards/labels are blocking the content of the video.
This is where the extension comes to your rescue. By just installing this extension, all the end cards and labels will be hidden automatically.

Options are provided using which you can completely stop/pause the extension till it is not required and also to start it again with just a click(no need to uninstall and install the extension every time).

I understand that there may be times when you want to see those cards/labels because it shows link to other video of that youtube channel or may be some information, that is why there is an option to add videos or even complete playlist to the exception list.
Exception list contains videos or playlist on which this extension will not run, i.e for those videos, end cards and labels will be shown to you.

You can specifically select which of the things among end cards, labels and subscribe icon should be hidden for you.The choice will be remembered for all the videos and can be changed anytime from the extension popup.
You can also chose to stop this extension from running on external websites that have youtube videos embedded in them.

There is also an option to edit the exception list using which you can remove videos/playlist added to exception list.

Hide Labels and End Cards on Youtube
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