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Are you fed up with endless and unproductive web conferences?

– Endless discussions lead to unsatisfactory results
– Too many web meetings with few results
– Most of the participants only listen and do not participate
– Some of the participants can not attend, input is missing to come to a conclusion

Replace or complement your web conferences with IdeaClouds’ digital workshops: Enter your topic, invite participants and work on a whiteboard whenever you have time. IdeaClouds is the easiest tool for online team work and problem solving. Generate ideas and suggestions, prioritize them and finally export directly the documentation in various formats (DOC, XLS, PDF, etc.).

Your benefits:
– Less meetings. Better results
– More flexibility: participate anytime, anywhere
– More participation: everybody can enter its proposals anonymously
– Better decisions: unbiased evaluation of proposals

This extensions gives a quick access to your workshop page in your Google Chrome bar.

IdeaClouds is a web application that takes work away from you in workshops. It helps you to structure the workshop process and the evaluation of the results. Moreover it automatically documents all result.

IdeaClouds supports facilitators of team workshops by:
– giving instructions to the team members about what they should do
– documenting results of the workshop
– providing different anonymous evaluation techniques
– Allowing people to enter their contributions on a virtual whiteboard in real-time or at different times, as desired!

IdeaClouds is the only web application that provides much more than a simple online whiteboard: Techniques such as the Brainstorming, Business Model Canvas or the Provocation technique help you to lower mental barriers as well as corporate blindness and foster teamwork. Find unconventional, creative solutions for your problems with IdeaClouds. Save thereby time for the documentation, preparation of workshops (flipchart, cards, etc.) and travel expenses!

Ideas can be rated with a variety of evaluation techniques such as SWOT Analysis, Voting, Business value & feasibility or by setting priorities.

IdeaClouds provides:
– Moderation techniques tailored for specific use cases (e.g. event planning, product development, etc.)
– Step-by-step facilitation for creativity techniques
– Online whiteboard where you can share ideas with your friends and colleagues as sketches, text or images in real time
– Evaluation techniques for more objective and anonymous idea evaluation
– Session chat
– Idea import from other IdeaClouds sessions
– Export of ideas and report (e.g. PDF)
– E-Mail invitation and notification
– SSL encryption
– High browser compatibility

For which task can you use IdeaClouds? Some examples are:
– Prioritize topics
– Developing business models
– Finding new product ideas
– Improve existing solutions
– Ideas for marketing campaigns
– Optimize processes
– Track project status
– Develop future scenarios

… and for any case where you normally do workshops with your team.

IdeaClouds is also available as dedicated, private platform (online or on-premise) for enterprises. Contact us via for any kind of request or feedback!

Happy ideation!

IdeaClouds Extension
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