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🔹 What can Insta Boss do? 🔹

Give instructions to this extension to:
✔️ extract your competitors’ audience and save them in different groups
✔️ perform bulk actions on your competitors’ audience
✔️ like multiple posts that appear in an Instagram search (FREE)
✔️ follow multiple accounts that appear in an Instagram search (FREE)
✔️ like multiple posts and follow the accounts associated to those posts
✔️ like multiple posts in multiple accounts
✔️ unfollow the accounts that you have followed by this tool on a specific date

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🔹 How can you gain more real Instagram followers? 🔹

In order to increase the number of followers of your Instagram account, you need to reach out to new people and engage with them regularly. A simple recipe to do so, is to:
1- Find users who are interested in the type of content that you produce.
2- Like some of their posts, and follow their accounts.
3- Keep them engaged by producing relevant content regularly.
4- After a while, unfollow their accounts to keep the number of your followings low.

Among the steps listed above, Insta Boss helps you with numbers 1, 2, and 4. Instead of going from one profile to another and opening several posts and liking them manually, just give an instruction to Insta Boss and it handles the rest of the work for you. This saves you so much time and allows you to focus on the creative part of growing your account, that is content creation.

🔹 Insta Boss VS Instagram bots 🔹

There are a number of Instagram bots out there that can do the same thing. But there are major differences between this extension and those bots. Firstly, this is not a bot. It is an automation tool. To be more specific, it doesn’t crawl Instagram by itself based on a predefined algorithm. Instead, it simplifies and automates bulk actions.

Another difference is that, in order to use the Instagram bots out there, you have to submit your Instagram credentials to their website which can be possibly misused. By using Insta Boss, your Instagram credentials won’t leave your device. After installation of this extension on Chrome, you will have instant access to the free features. And in order to use the premium features, you will only need to login to your Insta Boss account and have an active subscription. Therefore, we won’t ask for your Instagram credentials.

Pricing is another key difference. While you have access to the free features without purchasing a subscription, if you decide to purchase one, it is way cheaper than what you need to pay for the Instagram bots out there.

Finally, using those bots makes it very likely for your account to get banned by Instagram because of spamming their users. Using Insta Boss gives you the freedom to perform bulk actions on Instagram semi-automatically and to monitor Instagram warnings if any. This allows you to strategize your bulk actions in a way that is not considered spamming by Instagram.

🔹 Is Insta Boss free or paid? 🔹

After installing Insta Boss, you immediately get access to its free functionalities. However, in order to unlock all the actions, we kindly ask you to pay a small monthly fee. There is a 10-days money-back guarantee. So in case you were not happy with the extension, you can simply ask for a refund within 10 days after your first payment. Also, even after the 10-days period is over, the subscription can be canceled at any time from your user dashboard.

Your purchase is highly appreciated and helps with further development of this extension ❤️

🔹 Usage Example 🔹

Let’s imagine that you have opened a café recently. Now, no one knows that your café exists so you decide to create an Instagram account and publish some posts to show people your cozy environment, delicious snacks, and refreshing coffee. After a while, you publish some high quality posts and you gain some followers and some engagement. These people have found your profile because you’ve used relevant hashtags and have tagged your location on these posts. But that was only a momentary reach to, potentially, new followers. After a few minutes of publishing your post, it goes far down in Instagram search results, so no one else can find that post by searching for the hashtags that you used! After all, there are around 95 million posts shared on Instagram daily, so it’s obvious that your post can’t stay on top of the search results more than a few minutes, if not seconds!

Here is where Insta Boss comes to your help. You login to your Instagram account from your desktop computer using the Chrome browser. This is only a normal login to your Instagram account so your credentials won’t be shared with Insta Boss.

After logging in, you find an account whose followers might be interested in your business too. For example you can choose the account of a successful café in your neighborhood. Then, you can extract people who have liked this account’s posts or people who are following this account and save them to a “user group”.

Then, you can perform actions on these user groups. For example you instruct Insta Boss to perform “like and follow” on 300 users in total. You also instruct it to perform the actions on, for example, 6 users on each round and to leave 15 minutes between the rounds so Instagram won’t restrict you.

After that, you just click on “perform” and Insta Boss performs the action that you specified on 6 users. Then it waits for 15 minutes and performs the action on the next 6 users. It continues the same way until either the action has been performed on 300 users or until there is no more users left in the user group.

Now, there is nothing that can stop these people who have just received likes and follow from you to go to your profile in order to find out who you are. That’s when a person who has already shown interest to a café in your neighborhood, sees your content and learns about you and possibly, because of high relevance, decides to follow your account and pay you a visit.

Even though your posts have gone down in Instagram search results and are out of reach, you still attract people to your profile and gain new real followers by using Insta Boss.

In order to learn more, please go to the link below and watch the video tutorials:

🔹 Tips 🔹

This extension is designed to help you perform actions on your Instagram account easier and smarter. Please use it responsibly to make sure the community won’t be bothered and your account won’t be banned by Instagram.

🔹 Disclaimer 🔹

This extension and its developer have no association with Instagram.
By using this extension, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy available at:
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Insta Boss
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