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Finding profitable keywords is no longer a problem!
Whether you are a seasoned Self Publisher or have just entered the self publishing world, you know that one of the biggest obstacles and time consuming activity in this business is the keyword research. Thanks to this innovative tool, you can save a great deal of the time and focus you usually spend on this task. You merely have to enter the keywords you want to analyze in the extension, press start, and relax while the software works for you.

In the meantime, you can take a pleasant coffee break or work on other tasks; the extension will work in the background, allowing you to use your computer to do anything else, and when the analysis is complete, it will notify you with a sound. You will only need to open the extension tab and see which ones and how many keywords meet the chosen profitability parameters. You can also open each keyword’s detail page and see the grid with BSR, reviews, publisher, and all the other data you need.

But that’s not all! From today KDP Miner also offers the “On the Fly” mode.
Imagine that you are reading a blog, a social post, or anything on a website, and find one or more words that you think could be profitable keywords. Just select them, right-click, and order KDP Miner to analyze them in the background. The extension icon will turn green to indicate that KDP Miner has started the profitability analysis of the keyword on Amazon, and will notify you with a sound notification when the analysis is complete. In the meantime, you can go on to search for new keywords and continue to order the software to analyze them for you. All you have to do is open the extension and check at a glance how many fish are in your net.

Main features:

– Evaluates the keyword data automatically by interpreting the details allowing you to understand at a glance whether the keyword meets the minimum parameters without the need to count manually

– Provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use

– Extract the amount of reviews from ratings (NEW)

– Works both while in standard or incognito mode

– Customizable profitability parameters

– Provides auto-suggestions for keywords related to the one entered

– Indicates the number of new publications (settable)

– Allows you to enter up to 45 keywords at a time and to analyze them all automatically

– Offers the “On the Fly” function allowing you to analyze the keywords from any website without even opening the extension, and letting you dig for new keywords while the software is doing the tedious job for you

– Provides the details page of each keyword showing Titles, BSR, Reviews, Publication Date, and other data

– Allows you to view the details of all the keywords on a single Chrome tab

– Recognizes and shows you which titles are published by other self-publishers

– Offers Smart Relevance Recognition System (SRRS), a system for automatic recognition of the relevance of the book for the keyword (can be activated/deactivated)

– Adjustable analysis speed

– Delivers two analysis options in the “Books” category; data analysis in mixed formats (based on the first format that Amazon shows) and data analysis related only to paperback data


No more endless copy and paste, no more having to spend hours on Amazon while you could use your time and your computer to work on your products’ quality.

Many other extraordinary features will be released soon!

KDP Miner
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