** The most powerful wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem **

Keplr is a simple, open-source browser extension wallet for the Cosmos interchain ecosystem. We provide the most flexible and versatile account management and wallet functionalities for all Cosmos-SDK based blockchains

We currently support:
– Cosmos Hub
– Kava
– Secret Network
– Akash
– Starname
– Sifchain
– CertiK
– IRISnet
– Regen Network (Coming March 31)
– Cyber (beta)
– Straightedge (beta)

For your safety, all Kepler transactions are signed offline on your device. Your private keys are ecrypted and securely stored in your computer.

### Features
Most flexible key management
– Secure sign-in with your Google account
– Multichain account management

Key features
– Send to registered ENS addresses
– Stake to any validator and claim staking reward
– Vote on governance proposals
– Sign arbitrary cosmos-sdk messages
– Token support (sdk.Coins, CW-20, SNIP-20)
– Add new blockchains from web front-ends
and more!

### Why do I have to give Keplr permission to ‘access data on all websites?

This extension injects scripts and helper functions for every web page to allow the extension and websites utilizing CosmosJS to communicate. A transaction requested from a web page is only processed when the user explicitly signs the transaction via a popup window. Thus, it can be guaranteed that there are no security risks with this extension regarding vast permission requests.

Keplr never collects, logs and/or stores your personal data. For those skeptical, you can always review the source code for this extension on our GitHub repository:

For more information on our privacy policy, please refer to

### Want to know more on Keplr?

You can add support for Keplr transactions/messages in your webpage by utilizing CosmJS.

The browser is open-sourced and source code can be reviewed at Chainapsis GitHub.

### Feedback
Email: [email protected]

### Privacy policy

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