Lazy Orkfian


** v2.0.2

– Fixed a minor bug.

– Now using Orkfia API to retrive buildings info, things wont break if layout is updated again.

** v2.0.1 Updated to work with the new Orkfia layout **

* Barren Land Builder Templates

On the option page you can pick one of the templates, split in 2 categories war and growth or you can input the desired values yourself.
Once set the settings will be saved and you wont have to add them ever again unless you uninstall the extension.

After that you simply click the builder icon when on the construction page

*Very basic attack calculator, you input target’s acres, dpa,walls, and it tells you how much defence he has.
Click the attack calculator icon to open.

*Kill calculator, after you input the required info it tells you how many homes you have to destroy to kill your target.
Click the kill calculator icon to open.

* At xx:00:00 it checks how many citizens you have left, if under 500 it plays a loud alert warning you and redirects you to release page. No refresh needed.

* At xx:55:00 it checks your food/wood, remainds you to sell them if you have too much or to buy food if less than 1k.No refresh needed.

* Checks your self spells status every 10 minutes, reminds you to recast if one month or less remaining. No refresh needed.

* Checks your alliance news every 10 seconds, plays a sound and displays a notification with the latest ‘negative’ news (someone in your alliance getting hit/dying etc). No refresh needed.

*While on tribe page it displays a notification if:
DPA < 200
ML < 5
TPA <5
Citizens/Military Ratio 0

Notification messages stay between 5 – 10 seconds.
Sounds duration 1-3 seconds.

Lazy Orkfian
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