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LetXPath is an open-source project, it is used to find the XPath & CSS in a single click with code snippets based on the element type.

How to use? 🤔
1. Once installed, please restart your browser
2. Open the page you can want to get XPath
3. Open Devtools by clicking on the inspect window or F12 (Function F12)
4. Open the LetXPath menu from the sidebar panel
5. Click on the desired element to get the XPath

Features 💭
1. Get the best XPath in a single click
2. Most XPath are build based on the direct element or based on the parent to the child element
3. LetXPath supports dynamic XPath like, from parent to child element relationship
eg., following, following-sibling, preceding, preceding-sibling and others
4. XPath based on the Axes
5. Enhanced Axes XPath by user selctions

Snippets 🎓
1. XPath with driver code snippets
2. LetXPath supports as of now Selenium – Java, Selenium – Python, Selenium – C# and Protractor JS
3. Custome framework is in the development stage

Why LetXPath? 🤔
Yeah, I know there are plenty of XPath tools, but the intention of creating LetXPath is not only to get the XPath and snippets.
LetXPath is the only product that offers video tutorials on how to build the entire product. Every tool can give XPath but, LetXPath only offers how to build the tool itself.

Source code –
Tutorial –

What if doesn’t work? 😢
Once installed please restart your browser that should fix most of the problem.
Feel free to raise a bug on the GitHub

Is it free? 😱
100% it’s free and it will be always free.

So what I get from this? 🙋
Good question
Happiness when you installed it and provide a 5-star rating.

What is the RoadMap? 😁
Well, it’s huge that cannot be described here, but most of the features are going to save your time a lot.

Thanks for reading this much, now just install and explore LetXPath, you might fall in love with it 😉

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