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LiveTL – Translation Filter for Streams


Have you ever wanted live translations for HoloLive/Vtuber streams? Well, look no further than LiveTL!

LiveTL (Live TransLate) is a browser extension that separates translations from regular chat messages in YouTube streams. It includes the following features:
* Filter translations for your language (messages tagged with [en], es -, etc.)
* Select your favorite translators
* Ban spammers polluting translations
* Freely resizable chat, translation panel, and stream
* Optimized YouTube chat with HyperChat
* Clean interface
* Complete HoloTools integration
* Archived stream (VOD) support
* Custom user/mod filters
* Text direction toggle
* Saved settings/preferences
* Text zoom options
* Dark mode
* Auto-message tagging for translators
* Plus much, much more!

Additional information is available here:

LiveTL – Translation Filter for Streams
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