Marketo Sales Connect


Marketo Sales Connect combines real-time marketing and sales lead insights with digital playbooks and analytics. This elevated approach to sales engagement is presented in a single screen, providing more time for selling and less time maneuvering through multiple applications. Reps are now better prepared to follow a best practices process to engage the hottest leads the right way.

Marketo Sales Connect works with Gmail, to help sales professionals quickly interact with prospects.
Marketo Sales Connect adds Email & Attachment Tracking, Templates, Marketing Campaigns, Sales Campaigns and Scheduling into Gmail.

Key Features
Lead Insights Live Feed: Reps can quickly and easily identify their hottest leads, supported with real-time sales and marketing engagement insights, to help prioritize and engage in relevant conversations that close deals.

Digital Playbooks – Campaigns: Guide inbound/outbound sales teams with proven best practice engagements across email, phone, social and direct mail with the right cadence, following your SLAs.

Content Templates: Engage leads with the right content for each interaction, from personalized emails, to the right assets and messages for each conversation — all in a self-service way that scales.

Engagement Insights: Measure how marketing and sales efforts are impacting revenue and learn where interactions and content can be tuned for improved engagements that drive results.

Task Manager: Equip sales with a prioritized list of tasks to effectively execute their day.

Marketo Engage: Elevate the user experience by providing functionality in a single screen, while easily integrating with many of Marketo’s core apps, providing more effective engagements, insights and overall value.

Use Cases
Inbound: Maximize productivity by identifying the hottest leads and engaging at the right time using the right channel. Leverage playbooks to meet SLAs on inbound leads — by persona, lead source, and more — and determine the right balance of automation versus personalization.

Outbound: Leverage multiple channels, personalized messages, and consistency over an extended period of time – create campaigns to establish best practices that cue sales to hyper-personalize their outreach.

Marketing: Enhance lead scoring by including real-time marketing engagement insights with sales insights, driving more prioritized and personalized engagements. Furthermore, prove impact and make better investment decisions by expanding attribution metrics through more phases of the buyer journey, by factoring sales engagements as a channel.

Sales and Marketing Partnership: Utilizing a data-driven approach to drive collaboration, sales and marketing teams are equipped with the insights and tools needed to understand how to improve content and messaging, drive engagement best practices, and easily push updates out to teams.

Marketo Sales Connect
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